because there many different file names, i thought its best to remove files that do not match the grep statement. In this example, we are using find to print all of the files with a *.mp3 extension, piping it to grep –i to filter out and prints all files with the name “JayZ” and then another pipe to grep –vi which filters out and does not print all filenames with the string (in any case) “remix”. grep for multiple strings to exclude Hi, I'm looking to delete files in a folder. The find command support standard UNIX regex to match, include or exclude files. Copying specific file types to specific folders I am trying to write a script that cycles through a folder containing many folders and when inside each one it's supposed to copy all the .fna.gz files to a folder elsewhere if the file and the respective folder have the same name. If you're looking for lines matching in files, my favorite command is: grep -Hrn 'search term' path/to/files -H causes the filename to be printed (implied when multiple files are searched)-r does a recursive search-n causes the line number to be printed; path/to/files can be . がありますので、このオプションを使って除却したいファイル名、ディレクトリ名を指定していきます。 grepのバージョンは2.20で確認。grepのバージョンを確認する場合は、 grep --version The -v flag to grep inverts your search. grepのオプションで--exclude--exclude-dir. The text search pattern is called a regular expression. to search in the current directory. Code: find / -depth -ipath '/home/testuser/. Search for the word ‘needle’ from the current directory recursively through any sub-directories, while excluding the .git directory. When it finds a match, it prints the line with the result.

sudo find / -iname “*ganglia*” | egrep -vi “downloads” Or you can exclude specific directory like, find files or directories with ganglia except in the directory /home/simpleboy/Downloads So, to find all files with a name containing martin excluding /home/daniel, you would write # find / -user daniel | grep -v /home/daniel | grep martin Martin Though a simle find with grep will do. Grep is a Linux / Unix command-line tool used to search for a string of characters in a specified file. You can write complex queries easily with regex while find command recursively descends the directory tree for each /file/to/path listed, evaluating an expression. In the above command, the GREP command will search for files “menu.h & main.c” by matching the pattern “hello world“. Note2: Use '--exclude-dir=[DIR]' option to exclude directories matching the pattern DIR from recursive searches. 10 ways to use grep to search files in Linux by Scott Matteson in Open Source on April 7, 2017, 8:27 AM PST The grep command is a powerful tool for searching for files or information. In this case, we can exclude a directory by first using find to list the files and then (with the help of xargs) running the results of find through grep.
Grep is an acronym that stands for Global Regular Expression Print. Grep output can be sent to another grep for further filtering. Further options that I find very useful: GREP Command Options: You can find the GREP command option by using the following command, $ 18 How to make grep terminate file names with NULL character As we have already discussed, the -l command-line option of grep is used when you only want the tool to display filenames in the output. Using Grep Include/Exclude Files. I can use find to exclude all the hidden directories and to use my include file/exclude files for running a full backup . The option -i is used to ignoring the case sensitive while locating the files. Find the files and directories with ganglia on it, except for the directories with name Downloads. I wrote this korn script and ran into a hole.

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