This is the with the 1199 but still applies with any bike.

In de handleiding staat dat de motorolie die gebruikt wordt een classificatie: SAE 10W-40 API SG, SH, SJ of SL JASO MB.

JALOS is the organization that regulates and oversees the implementation of the JASO motorcycle engine oil specifications.

The piston, gearbox and clutch are all sharing the same engine oil. The JASO MA spec also defines standards for engine and transmission wear. The clutch friction requirements categorise oils as high friction JASO MA/MA1/MA2, or low friction JASO MB, and are central to the standard. Not surprisngly most have no clue what they are talking about. Hence there is special friction modifier to ensure all these 3 components work perfectly and protected.

A bunch of oils arent tested or have failed.This is a cliffs notes of all the 10W-40 that have met JASO requirements.From the official JASO qualified list.Skipped all the foreign brands that we wont see in the USA.10W-40 oils that qualify JASO-MA …

The MA2 standard was brought out for modern motorcycle engines.

In 2006 JASO introduced the JASO MA2 standard. Disponemos en JASO MB los … Taky leju Motorex TOP Speed 4T 10W40 a ridim se spis specifikaci API.

JASO Explained PART 1: JASO 4-Stroke Engine Oil Specification The Japanese Lubricating Oil Society or JALOS is the organization that regulates the performance of various motorcycle specific engine oils.
De MA2 is speciaal voor motoren met veel vermogen.

Table 1: JASO T903:1998 Clutch Friction Specification Table 2: JASO T903:2006 Clutch Friction Specification Table 3: JASO T903:2011 Clutch Friction Specification Table 4: JASO T903:2016 Clutch Friction Specification MB – To be classified as MB, at least one of the three results needs to be within the MB ranges. JASO MA2.

The JASO MA2 spec determines whether a motorcycle oil is compatible with catalytic converters.

The JASO T 903 specification has three major requirements: physical properties, engine oil performance and clutch friction characteristics. Nasel jsem nejake popisy rozdilu JASO MA/MA2, tak jestli ti to pomuze. The JASO MA2 standard is a higher standard then JASO MA and means the oil is suitable for use in bikes with catalytic converters in the exhausts. As catalytic converters became prevalent on 4-stroke street motorcycles, JASO came up with an oil standard for these applications. The classification is based on the results of the JASO T 904:2006 clutch system firction test. The classification is based on the results of the JASO T 904:2006 clutch system firction test. El aceite JASO MB está considerado ahorrador de energía o combustible, respecto a JASO MA-2 por el coeficiente de fricción dinámica. The motor oils that meet the JASO T 903:2006 standard can be classified into four grades: JASO MA, JASO MA1, JASO MA2 and JASO MB. Beste dames en heren, ik vroeg mij af of motorolie met een JASO MA2 altijd beter is dan een JASO MB. So here is the real answer. This is crazy. The motor oils that meet the JASO T 903:2006 standard can be classified into four grades: JASO MA, JASO MA1, JASO MA2 and JASO MB. JASO MA is motorcycle oil for wet cluth.

i see a lot of talk on here about JASO vs JASO 2 . Honda seems to be the only one that sells a 10w30 MB rated oil. The grade JASO MB is used for a lower friction oil and MA is relatively higher friction oil. Asi bych to smichal, osobne mam vzduchac, kde v olejovem chladici neco oleje zustane i po vypusteni a pokud nejde sehnat stary Motorex JOSO MA, tak by se vymenou stejne trochu promichalo, takze stejne nic jineho nezbyva, nez nalet novy JASO MA2. Would it really make much difference if a JASO MA oil is used instead of MB? It would seem to me that a MB rated oil would just be any SN oil for cars.

Ik heb op het internet opgezocht wat het verschil is tussen de JASO MA en MB. En conclusión, si puedes utilizar un JASO MB con SAE 10w30 o 10w40 mejor que un JASO MA-2.

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