See “Top 10 Features” for an introduction.

How to Make Expression Web Use HTML5 By Default by Christopher Heng, This article describes the steps to take. Preamble.

皆様、こんにちは! 今日は、下記のURLで登場したExpression Web 4のHTML5 support 追加について、取り急ぎご紹介します。 これはExpression Web 4のアドインですので、インストールすると、HTML5でオーサリングができます。 HTML5 Schema Configuration Add-In for Expression Webとは. HTML5 – Code Editor IntelliSense and Design View support If you don't alter Expression Web's original settings, the editor will create web pages using XHTML 1.0 Transitional. You have to be a lot more clear about what you mean by "play well". If you’re designing for the web (especially with HTML5 and CSS3), take a look at Expression Web 4, a design-focused environment for HTML, CSS, validation, SEO, and more. Expression Web 4 Service Pack 1 has just been released, adding a bunch of new features:. Expression Web 4 gives you the tools you need to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites: built-in support for today’s Web standards, sophisticated CSS …

I was asked by a visitor how he could make Microsoft Expression Web use HTML5 by default.

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